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An individual entrepreneur (hereinafter – IE) Lobodzinskyi Yevhenii Valeriyovych, registration number of the taxpayer card: 3577107215, respects the private, confidential information and data of every user and person who visits the website with an address on the Internet .

We inform you about what personal (private, confidential) data (information) we collect and how we use it.

Data (information) is collected, processed and used in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data.


We collect information and data relating to private individuals only for the purpose of processing and use, and only if you voluntarily provided the information or clearly agreed to its use. When you visit our website, some data is automatically recorded on the servers of IE, for administration, statistical or backup purposes. Recorded information may include: the name of the Internet provider, sometimes the IP address, data about the version of the software, about the operating system of the device of the user from which our website is visited, the website from which you transferred to visit us, addresses the websites you visit at the same time as our website, the search parameters that brought you to our site.

Such information allows us to draw conclusions about the audience that visits our website, the effectiveness of advertising measures. However, no personal data is used in this context.

If you voluntarily provide us with personal information, we undertake not to use, process or transfer such information in a way that goes beyond the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine or specified by you in the statement of consent. The transfer of personal data is carried out only on the basis of a court decision or in another order provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this web page. This allows you to receive information at any time about what data we store and how we collect and store it.


IE undertakes to securely store your personal data and take all precautionary measures to protect it from loss, misuse or alteration. In some cases, it is necessary to transfer your requests to other users of the Site. In these cases, your personal information will also be considered and used as confidential, personal data will be protected.


The IE does not provide services to persons under the age of 16 – directly. Ordering services for persons under the age of 16 is possible through legal representatives. If the child’s parents or other legal guardians discover that the child has independently provided certain information to the IE and believe that this information should be destroyed, the parents or other legal guardians must contact us to request that the child’s information be deleted.


The site installs cookie files.

Without the express consent of our users, the data collected by technical means is not used to identify the visitor’s identity and is not combined with any other personal data of a pseudonymous person.


Stored data will be deleted by the IE after the storage period established by law or agreement has expired, or in the event that the IE itself no longer needs to keep certain data. You have the right at any time to request the deletion of information about you from the IE database. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the use or processing of your personal data at any time. In such cases, as well as if you have any other wishes related to your personal data, please send a letter to the official address of the IE or by email.

Please also contact us if you would like to know whether we collect data about you and, if so, what data. We will try to respond to your request as soon as possible.


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Instagram, which is managed from the headquarters of Facebook Inc., located in the United States, California, Palo Alto, California Avenue 94304, 1601 Street (hereinafter “Facebook”).

These plugins can be “Like” buttons or, accordingly, “I like” in a social network. If you visit one of our web pages equipped with such a plugin, your Internet browser will connect you directly to the servers of the social network and the plugin registered through your browser will be displayed on the screen. The plugin will transmit to the server of the social network data about which of our web pages you have visited. If you have an account on a social network and you are logged in under your account, when you visit our website, the social network will associate this information with your account (if available).

In case of using any functions of the plugin (for example, when clicking the “Like” button or commenting), this information will also be synchronized with your account of the corresponding social network.

More detailed information on the collection and use of data directly by the social network, as well as on the rights and possibilities of personal data protection in this context, can be found in the section on personal data protection on the website of the relevant social network.

In order to avoid the connection of the social network with our web pages and the subsequent connection of this information with your account, you need to log out of the social network account before visiting our web pages.


On our Internet pages, it is possible to embed modules (“embedded modules”) for social networks The relevant services are provided by Facebook Inc.

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The embedded module tells the provider which page of our website you have visited. If you are logged in to the Facebook network under your account while browsing our website, the respective provider can match the information to your interests, i.e. the information you view under your account. In the case of using any function of the built-in module (for example, the “Like” button or posting a comment), this information will also be transmitted by the browser directly to the provider for storage.

Additional information regarding the collection and use of data by social networks, as well as your rights and options to protect your privacy in these circumstances, can be found in the data protection/privacy guidelines of the providers.





1.1.This is an offer of the individual entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as the IE) Lobodzinskyi Yevhenii Valeriyovych, registration number of the taxpayer card: 3577107215, (hereinafter referred to as the Executor) to an unlimited number of individuals and legal entities in accordance with Art. 633, 641, 901 of the Civil Code of Ukraine with the help of Internet or telephone means to conclude an agreement for the provision of video editing services, the subject of which are services offered to Customers by the Executor or its partners (collectively referred to as the Company).

1.2. For this purpose, the Executor places an offer on the IE website .

1.3. The offer to enter into an agreement is deemed accepted by the Customer in full and unconditionally at the time of ordering services under the terms of this Agreement. Such actions on the part of the Customer are: leaving the application, and/or calling the manager, and/or initiating the payment in any way using the services of the payment service providers available on the IE website.


2.1. Executor – an individual entrepreneur Lobodzinskyi Yevhenii Valeriyovych, registration number of the taxpayer card: 3577107215, partners and employees offering services presented on the Company’s website.

2.2. Order – selection of individual items from the list of services offered on the IE website.

2.3. Customer – a physical and/or legal entity, consumer of services provided by the Executor.

2.4. IE – an individual entrepreneur Lobodzinskyi Yevhenii Valeriyovych, registration number of the taxpayer card: 3577107215.

2.5. Service is the actions of the IE, the results of which are consumed by the Customer, in the process of their execution.

2.6. IE website – a web page on the Internet at the address, which is one of the main sources of informing the Customer about the services provided by the IE.


3.1. The Executor undertakes, on the terms and in the manner specified in this Agreement, to provide the Customer with the service, based on the corresponding Order issued by the Customer on the IE website, and the Customer, in turn, undertakes to pay for the goods and/or service on the terms and in the manner specified in this Agreement.

3.2. The parties to this Agreement confirm that the conclusion of this Agreement is carried out on the basis of the free will of each of the Parties and with full understanding of the subject and terms of this Agreement.

3.3. To provide services under this agreement, the Executor determines his representative and can involve third-party organizations, while remaining responsible to the Customer for the quality of the services provided.

3.4. Goods and services are provided to you on “as is” terms. The Executor does not guarantee that the services meet the Customer’s goals and expectations.


4.1. The Customer can place an order in any of the following ways:

4.2. The deadline for processing the Customer’s order is from 6 PM to 4 AM from Monday to Friday, according to the second time zone UTC+2.


5.1. Settlements under this Agreement are made in a non-cash form by transferring funds to the Executor’s bank account or by paying 50% of the total cost of the service or 100% of the cost of the service using the Payoneer payment system on the IE website.

5.2. Payment of the order by the Customer is considered simultaneous actual acceptance of the provided services, confirms the absence of comments on the quality and quantity of delivered goods and/or provided services.


6.1. The execution of the order is carried out by the forces and means of the IE on the date agreed with the Customer.

6.2. If the Executor violates the terms of the Agreement, the Executor shall notify the Customer and, with the Customer’s permission, postpone the order execution date to another date or return the advance payment to the Customer.

6.3. To exchange messages, the Parties may use:

  • emails of the parties;
  • programs, WhatsApp, FB Messenger.


            7.1. The executor is obliged to:

7.1.1. Fulfill the Customer’s order in accordance with the selected goods and/or services on the IE website and the completed Order;

7.1.2. Provide quality services and within the time agreed with the Customer.

7.2. The Executor has the right to:

7.2.1. Provide services individually or involve third parties in providing them, while remaining responsible to the Customer.

7.2.2. Unilaterally refuse to provide services under this Agreement if the Customer insists on the performance of services not provided for by this Agreement, and/or the Customer has made a request, the implementation of which may violate the legislation of Ukraine.

7.3. The Customer is obliged to:

7.3.1. Accept the services ordered under this Agreement in a timely manner and pay for them in full.

7.4. The Customer has the right to:

7.4.1. Place an order on the IE website and/or by telephone.

7.4.2. Require the Executor to provide services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


8.1. The Offer becomes effective from the moment it is posted on the Internet and is valid until the Offer is withdrawn by the Executor.

8.2. The Executor reserves the right to make changes to the terms of the Offer and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at its own discretion. In the event that the Executor makes changes to the Offer, such changes shall enter into force from the moment of posting the changed text of the Offer on the IE website, unless a different period of entry into force of the changes is not additionally determined upon such posting.


9.1. The parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement in the manner provided by this agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

9.2. The Executor is not responsible for:

  • the content and veracity of the information provided by the Customer when placing an order;
  • delay in the provision of services, which occurs for reasons beyond the control of the Executor;
  • wrongful actions of the Customer.

9.3. In the event of force majeure, the parties are released from fulfilling the terms of this Agreement. Circumstances of force majeure for the purposes of this Agreement are circumstances of an extraordinary, unpredictable nature that exclude or objectively prevent the performance of this Agreement, the occurrence of which the Party could not foresee or warn in a reasonable manner.

9.4. The parties make every effort to resolve any misunderstandings exclusively through business negotiations.


10.1. In case of disagreement of the Customer with the quality of the provided services, the Customer sends a claim to the IE in any convenient way (email address, postal address of the IE, telephone, etc.).

10.2. The IE considers the claim and instructs its representative to eliminate the comments, if possible – within 30 calendar days from the day the claim was received.

10.3. All disagreements that arise under this Agreement or in connection with it, in particular, as a result of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, are resolved through negotiations between the Executor and the Customer.

10.4. If a mutual agreement is not reached through preliminary negotiations, these disagreements are referred to the court at the location of the Executor for resolution in accordance with the procedure established by current legislation.


11.1. By placing an Order in any way, the Customer gives his unconditional consent to the collection, processing, storage and use of his personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

11.2. Information provided by the Customer is confidential. The IE uses information about the Customer exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the Order, providing services under this Agreement, and sending messages to the Customer.


12.1. The Executor reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to this Agreement, provided to its prior publication on the website of the IE.

12.2. The use of the IE website for a preview of services, as well as placing an Order in any way provided for in this Agreement, is free of charge.


13.1. This Agreement enters into force from the moment the Customer places an order in any way provided for in this Agreement and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations.

13.2. The Parties have the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, in the event that one of the Parties fails to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement, and in other cases provided for by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.


An individual entrepreneur Lobodzinskyi Yevhenii Valeriyovych

Identification code of a physical entity: 3577107215

Location: Ukraine, 21019, Vinnytsia region, Vinnytsia district, Vinnytsia city, Nagirna street 21, apartment 21

IBAN UA413052990000026004016105307


MFI 305299

Single tax payer in the 3rd group

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