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Professional Video Editing for Real Estate Assets

Real estate listings with professionally edited videos are proven to sell faster and at higher prices. At E.V.Editor, we specialize in real estate video editing services that bring out the unique story of each property. We help narrate this story in the most engaging way, ensuring your listings stand out in the competitive market.

Our process involves advanced video editing techniques showcasing the unique features of each property, from luxurious interiors to breathtaking landscapes. We pay close attention to color grading, lighting, and composition, transforming raw footage into a polished cinematic experience. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Experience the difference that professional editing can make in your real estate marketing. Discover our tailored

Who we are

Who we are

Hey! Our names are Eugene and Valentina.

We have been working together on video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro for 8 years. October 13, 2021, is our birthday. That day, we decided not only to edit videos as freelancers but also to establish a team capable of tackling the challenge of post-production in a short time. We studied hard, shared our experiences, and perceived our customers’ wishes, ideas, and comments.

Our clients greater focus on production and their time while we take care of editing the video according to your style or creating ourselves.
We are open and have nothing to conceal, ask us anything. Each of us loves our work, and the positive feedback from satisfied customers acts as a big push to become the best of the best.

Feel free to contact us any time through the application form on the website or by e-mail at  and we will help you 🙂

What We Do

E.V.Editor specializes in real estate video editing outsourcing, providing custom video editing for real estate agents and videographers. With our deep understanding of the real estate market, we know how to use video editing to enhance your property listings effectively. For videographers, we offer a significant time-saving advantage, allowing you to concentrate on filming while we handle the editing.
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Here’s what we offer:

Guided Tour Videos

We enhance the flow, clarity, and appeal of each video, ensuring potential buyers are not just watching, but immersing themselves in the experience. By highlighting key features and weaving a seamless narrative, our Guided Tour Videos make properties come alive, fostering a connection between the viewer and the space

Personal Branding Videos

Our expertise extends to crafting compelling Personal Branding Videos. We take your raw footage and turn it into a narrative that showcases your unique selling points, expertise, and personality. These videos are crucial for establishing a strong personal connection with your audience, setting you apart in a competitive market, and building trust and credibility.

Property Listing Videos

At E.V.Editor, we transform footage of both residential and commercial properties into polished presentations. Our focus is on highlighting the features, amenities, and overall appeal of each property. The result is a visually impactful video that makes your listings stand out, drawing in potential buyers and elevating your real estate portfolio.

Testimonial Videos

We carefully edit raw footage to create authentic and persuasive testimonials reinforcing your reputation and credibility. From enhancing audio clarity to structuring compelling narratives, our editing services ensure that each testimonial video becomes valuable in building trust and influencing potential clients.

Our works

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Final video length:
Synchronization, cutting, sound cleaning
Color correction:
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Please note: The price calculator located on this site provides approximate calculations and may not take into account all the details of your unique project. Our team is ready to help you determine the exact cost and best solutions for your task.

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    How fast will I get the video?

    We’ll get all the necessary details before we start working on your video, so we can start downloading material and video editing on the same day. You won’t wait weeks for your video, it’s impossible 🙂

    Why such low prices?

    1. We are confident that: the best pricing + upper-class video + prompt execution of our work make our editing team the best.

    2. We don’t have access to licensed music or video footage. Likewise, we use material from public sources or what you provide us.

    3. We have no pre-payment! WE ARE AWARE that you will enjoy our work and want more 🙂

    How can you contact us?

    It’s easy! Just leave your mail and question in the contact form, and we’ll get back to you soon. Alternatively, email us at We’re waiting for you 🙂

    How does it work?

    You upload your material to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and then answer our questions and write your wishes for future footage. Great, we’ve started editing your video.

    What types of videos do you edit?

    We edit anything related to the video. We will edit everything from social media reels to TV shows. Just tell us about it 🙂

    What programs do you work in?

    We use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, PluralEyes, Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve.

    What days/hours are you available to work?

    We are available every day, no weekends, except on Holidays. Just text us 🙂

    Where are you from?

    We are from Eastern Europe: Kyiv, Ukraine. Proficient in Ukrainian and English.

    Can I provide my own music for the editing of my video

    Yes, you can provide your own music for the editing of your video. We will be happy to incorporate your favorite music into the final edit.